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Concerning COVID-19 and Precautions


Over the past year, our church has lost some dear friends and members from our congregation.  We all know that the epidemic is real and serious.  We have recently resumed meeting in our sanctuary and the Adams Center as the epidemic diminishes in our area.  But the virus has not gone away.  It is still out there.

The danger to our elderly members cannot be overstated, and must be taken seriously by all.  As of May 2021, the number of new cases in our community has markedly decreased.  We have begun having meetings because of this fact, while recognizing that immunization is the only way to stop the epidemic.  We ask that common sense precautions be observed at all times.

Please don’t come to meetings if you are sick: if you are running fever, having chills and muscle aches, have a bad cough with runny nose, or have nausea and vomiting.  If you suspect you may be ill, please wear a mask until you can be certain you are not ill.  Our worship and Bible studies are published on this web site and are also available on Facebook for any shut-ins, so that you can observe from home.  Our communion has been changed to use self-contained grape juice and wafer for individual use, and is taken in the pew instead of at the altar.

The physicians among us think we must be very cautious for yet another year to prevent losing more of our members to the virus.  We pray for the health and safety of all, and we pray that you will understand and observe reasonable precautions during this dangerous time.

May God bless us, everyone.