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Bible Study: The Book of 1st & 2nd Peter

1st Peter Chapter 1|Introduction” |Rev. Dean Moore|May 27, 2020

1st Peter Chapter 1|Continued” |Rev. Dean Moore|June 03, 2020

1st Peter Chapter 2|Rev. Dean Moore|June 10, 2020

1st Peter Chapter 2-3|Submission||Rev. Dean Moore|June24, 2020

1st Peter Chapter 3|Blessed to Be A Blessing||Rev. Dean Moore|July 01,2020

1st Peter Chapter 3|Suffering for Doing Good||Rev. Dean Moore|July 08 , 2020

1st Peter Chapter 3|Baptism: A Pattern for Salvation| Rev. Dean Moore| July 15,2020

1st Peter Chapter 4|Vs 1-7| Rev. Dean Moore| July 22, 2020

1st Peter Chapter 4|Vs 17-19|”Let Judgement Begin at the House of God!”| Rev. Dean Moore| July 29, 2020

1st Peter Chapter 5| Rev. Dean Moore| Aug 05, 2020

2nd  Peter Chapter 1|Walking in Divine Power| Rev. Dean Moore| Aug 12, 2020

2nd  Peter Chapter 1|Growing in Faith| Rev. Dean Moore| Aug 19, 2020

2nd  Peter Chapter 1|What Really Matters| Rev. Dean Moore| Aug 26, 2020

2nd  Peter Chapter 2|The Danger of False Prophets and Teachers| Rev. Dean Moore| Sept 09, 2020

2nd  Peter Chapter 3|The Day of the Lord! Are You Ready?| Rev. Dean Moore| Sept 23, 2020


Bible Study: The Book of Ephesians:

Introduction to the Book of Ephesians| Rev. Dean Moore| Oct 07, 2020

Ephesians Chapter 1|”Predestination”| Rev. Dean Moore| Oct 14, 2020

Ephesians Chapter 2|The Miracle of Salvation”| Rev. Dean Moore| Oct 21, 2020

Ephesians Chapter 2|Reconciliation”| Rev. Dean Moore| Nov 4, 2020

Ephesians Chapter 5|Imitators of God”| Rev. Dean Moore| Dec 02, 2020

Ephesians Chapter 6|Obedience & Submission| Rev. Dean Moore| Dec 16, 2020


Bible Study: The Book of Leviticus: Rev. Dean Moore

Leviticus Chapter 1|The Burnt Offering| Rev. Dean Moore| Jan 06, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 2|The Grain Offering| Rev. Dean Moore| Jan 13, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 3|The Peace Offering| Rev. Dean Moore| Jan 20, 2021

Leviticus Chapters 4-6|The Sin & Guilt Offerings| Rev. Dean Moore| Jan 27, 2021

Leviticus Chapters 8|The Consecration of the Priest| Rev. Dean Moore| Feb 03, 2021

Leviticus Chapters 9-10|Be Thou Holy!!| Rev. Dean Moore| Feb 10, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 11|Clean vs Unclean| Rev. Dean Moore| Feb 24, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 12|Purification after Childbirth| Rev. Dean Moore| Mar 03, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 13|The Disease of Leprosy| Rev. Dean Moore| Mar 10, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 14|The Cleansing of Leprosy| Rev. Dean Moore| Mar 17, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 15|Male & Female Discharge Issues| Rev. Dean Moore| Mar 24, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 16|The Day of Atonement| Rev. Dean Moore| April 14, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 17|Do Not Eat Blood| Rev. Dean Moore| April 21, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 18|Forbidden Sexual Practices| Rev. Dean Moore| April 28, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 19|You Must be Holy| Rev. Dean Moore| May 05, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 20|The Consequences of Disobedience| Rev. Dean Moore| May 12, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 21|Instructions to the Priest| Rev. Dean Moore| May 19, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 22|Do Not Profane the Name of the LORD| Rev. Dean Moore| May 26, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 23|The Appointed Feast| Rev. Dean Moore| June 02, 2021

Leviticus Chapter 23|Passover| Rev. Dean Moore| June 09, 2021

Bible Study: The Book of Revelation: Rev. Dean Moore

Revelation Chapter One| Rev. Dean Moore| Jan 17, 2021

Revelation Chapter 2-3|The Seven Churches| Rev. Dean Moore| Feb 07, 2021

Revelation Chapter 2-3|The Seven Churches Cont…| Rev. Dean Moore| Feb 21, 2021

Revelation Chapter 2-3|The Seven Churches Cont…| Rev. Dean Moore| Feb 28, 2021

Revelation Chapter 3|The Seven Churches Cont…| Rev. Dean Moore| Mar 07, 2021

Revelation Chapter 3|The Church of Philadelphia| Rev. Dean Moore| Mar 14, 2021

Revelation Chapter 3|The Church of Laodicea| Rev. Dean Moore| Mar 21, 2021

Revelation Chapter 4|I saw a Door Opened in Heaven| Rev. Dean Moore| Mar 28, 2021

Revelation Chapter 5|The Lamb is Worthy| Rev. Dean Moore| April 18, 2021

Revelation Chapter 6-7|The Seals are Opened| Rev. Dean Moore| April 25, 2021

Revelation Chapter 8-9|The Trumpet Judgments| Rev. Dean Moore| May 02, 2021

Revelation Chapter 9-10|The Trumpet Judgments| Rev. Dean Moore| May 16, 2021

Revelation Chapter 11|The Two Witnesses| Rev. Dean Moore| June 13, 2021

Bible Study: The Seven Biblical Feast: Dr. Hayden Childs

The Feast of First Fruits and Pentecost| Dr. Hayden Childs| Oct 18, 2020

The Feast of Trumpets| Dr. Hayden Childs| Oct 25, 2020

The Day of Atonement| Dr. Hayden Childs| Nov 08, 2020

Bible Study: The End Times: Dr. Hayden Childs

The End Times Part 1| Dr. Hayden Childs| Dec 06, 2020

Bible Study: The Book of James:

James Chapter One|”Count it All Joy!|Rev.Dean Moore|March 25, 2020

James Chapter One|Wisdom!|Rev. Dean Moore|April 01, 2020

James Chapter One|OverComing|Rev. Dean Moore|April 08, 2020

James Chapter 1-2|Doers of the Word|Rev. Dean Moore|April 15 2020

James Chapter 3|The Power of the Tongue!”|Rev. Dean Moore|April 22 2020

James Chapter 4|Conflict|Rev. Dean Moore|May, 06 2020