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Sunday | 6:00 PM | Sanctuary
Wednesday | 6:00 PM | Sanctuary

Sundays: Prayer, Praise, and Holy Communion

Wednesdays: Prayer – taught by Teresa Gilland.


Dr. Teykl wrote:

Jesus said in Matthew 21:13 that His house is to be a “house of prayer.”  The number one activity in the church should be prayer.  In fact, His last command in Luke 24 to the church was to go and form a prayer meeting.  We then read in Acts 1:14, “They all joined together constantly united in prayer…” (NLT).  They were not preaching or teaching or organizing, they were praying just as He instructed them.  The early church was birthed in a prayer meeting in the Upper Room.  They were “constantly” praying as a unified group.

An extraordinary power force is released when a group of Christians pray together in agreement over a period of time about the same thing.  The disciples modeled corporate prayer throughout the book of Acts (Acts 4:23-31, 6:4, 12:5) and I believe this consistent, sustained force was the secret of their success.

Pastor Teresa wrote:

I have also come to believe that the consistent, fervent, and sustained prayer by the Christians in the Acts church was the “secret of their success” and that’s why I want every person reading this to join me in this prayer journey.